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Boatup Geosynthetics was established in 2015, founded by geotechnical professors, experienced earth work engineers. We from different countries, different universities, different geosynthetics manufactures, and work together for the goal of providing best geosynthetics products and solutions to our customers.

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We respect and consider the views of others and treat as we would want to be treated.


We act fairly, honestly and consistently in what we say and do and we speak out when necessary.


We work together and learn from each other to achieve our goals. In the purpose of providing best products we have.

Voice From GM

Many thanks for your great attention and support!

Dear Customers,


Boatup Geosynthetics was aim to provide highest quality, optimum price of geotubes and other  relevant geosynthetics. We will seize every opportunity to study the knowledge of Environment improvement and Protection, to innovate and improve our geosynthetics products, in order to continuously offer best prices and service.


Boatup Geosynthetics is willing to cooperate with customers in home and aboard, and contribute all of our energy for sustainable develop of society.


Thanks and Best Regards,


Ivan Lj

Meet The Team

The harder we work, the more value we deliver!

I'm the General Manager

Ivan Lj

Mr. Ivan has professional knowledge on geosynthetic materials, and more than 15 years geotechnical experience. Especially in geotextile, geotube field. He can work help with you on finding best geosynthetics if you have any demand.

  • Business Phone : +86 13165927717
  • WhatsApp : +86 13165927717
  • Email : ivan@woven-geotextile.com.cn
We are the Sales Team

Danna Wang

Ms. Danna is a professional geosynthetics sales manager. More than 7 years sales experience on geosynthetic market. Her patience, responsibility and carefulness can help with your purchase geosynthetics materials.

  • Business Phone : +86 17706486460
  • WhatsApp : +86 15258292571
  • Email : danna@woven-geotextile.com.cn


Hi We thank you very much for your excellent geotextile tubes, in time delivery and service. We’d like to work with you as always!


-United Watertreatment 

We generate a lot of sludges every year, It always make us a big headache for dealing with them. Use Boat Geotextile Tubes, it becomes much easy, and most important is that the cost is so good comparing to big equipments.


-DMB Expert

Boat Geosynthetics is not only a reliable supplier, but also an excellent business partner. We are so lucky find the right one in geosynthetics industry.


-Comercio Exportaciones


Whether you’re interested in any types of geotextile tubes, we’re here to quote.